Point 4. To pray for the peace of Jerusalem

A Call To Christians and Christian Communities
to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

  • By promoting the belief in an inherent connectedness between Christians and Jews.
  • By understanding more fully Judaism’s deep attachment to the Land of Israel as a fundamental religious perspective and many Jewish people’s connection with the State of Israel as a matter of physical and cultural survival.
  • By reflecting on ways that the Bible’s spiritual understanding of the land can be better incorporated into Christian faith perspectives.
  • By critiquing the policies of Israeli and Palestinian governmental and social institutions when such criticism is morally warranted, at the same time acknowledging both communities’ deep attachment to the land.
  • By critiquing attacks on Zionism when they become expressions of antisemitism.
  • By joining with Jewish, Christian and Muslim peace workers, with
    Israelis and Palestinians, to build trust and peace in a Middle East where all can live secure in independent, viable states rooted in international law and guaranteed human rights.
  • By enhancing the security and prosperity of Christian communities both in Israel and Palestine.
  • By working for improved relations among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle East and the rest of the world.