Mission Statement


  • promotes understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews based on respect for each other's identity and integrity;

  • addresses issues of human rights and human dignity deeply enshrined in the traditions of Judaism and Christianity;

  • counters all forms of prejudice, intolerance, discrimination, racism and the misuse of religion for national and political domination;

  • affirms that in honest dialogue each person remains loyal to his or her own essential faith commitment, recognizing in the other person his or her integrity and otherness;

  • coordinates worldwide activities through a programme of carefully structured conferences held regularly in different countries. The participants examine current issues across national and religious boundaries, enabling face-to-face exchanges of experience and expertise;

  • encourages research and education at all levels, including universities and theological seminaries, to promote interreligious understanding among students, teachers, religious leaders, and scholars;

  • performs outreach in regions that so far have little or no structured Jewish-Christian dialogue, such as Eastern Europe, Africa, and the Far East;

  • provides a platform for wide-ranging theological debate in order to add a religious choice to the contemporary search for anwsers to existential and ethical challenges.