Point 1. To combat religious, racial and all other forms of antisemitism

A Call to Christians and Christian Communities
to Combat Religious, Racial, and All Other Forms of Antisemitism – Biblically, Liturgically, and Catechetically.



  • By recognizing Jesus' profound identity as a Jew of his day, and interpreting his teachings within the contextual framework of firstcentury Judaism.
  • By emphasizing that recent scholarship on both the commonality and gradual separation of Christianity and Judaism is critical for our basic understanding of the Jewish-Christian relationship.
  • By presenting the two Testaments in the Christian Bible as complementary and mutually affirming rather than antagonistic or inferior/superior. Denominations that use lectionaries are encouraged to choose and link biblical texts that offer such an affirming theology.
  • By speaking out against Christian misreadings of biblical texts regarding Jews and Judaism that can provoke caricatures or animosity.


  • By highlighting the connection between Jewish and Christian liturgy.
  • By drawing upon the spiritual richness of Jewish interpretations of the scriptures.
  • By cleansing Christian liturgies of anti-Jewish perspectives, particularly in preaching, prayers and hymns.


  • By presenting the Christian-Jewish relationship in positive tones in the education of Christians of all ages, underlining the Jewish foundations of Christian belief and accurately describing the ways Jews themselves understand their own traditions and practices. This includes the curricula of Christian schools, seminaries and adult education programs.
  • By promoting awareness of the long-lived traditions of Christian anti-Judaism and providing models for renewing the unique Jewish-Christian relationship.
  • By underscoring the immense religious wealth found in the Jewish tradition, especially by studying its authoritative texts.