• 2/2020by Rabbi Walter Homolka,
    German with English abstract: “The Jew Jesus – A Homecoming in visual Arts”
  • 1/2020by Rabbi Dr Reuven Firestone:
    “A Problem with Monotheism: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Dialogue and Dissent”
  • 2/2019 - by Rabbi Elisa Klapheck:
    German with English abstract: „The Legacy of Rabbi Regina Jonas“
  • 1/2019 - by Rabbi David Rosen:
    “Reflections on the recent Orthodox Jewish Statements on Jewish-Catholic Relations”
  • 2/2018 - by Prof. Dr Christian Wiese:
    German with English abstract:  “Martin Buber – the Prague Circle – and the Consequences of World War I”
  • 1/2018 - by Prof. Dr Peter A. Pettit:
    ”A new Christian Zionism?”
  • 2/2017- by Prof. Dr Peter von der Osten-Sacken:
    German with English abstract: “The End of an old Hostility? Luther’s Position on the Jews”
  • 1/2017by  Prof. em. Dr Karl-Josef Kuschel:
    German with English abstract: „From Discounter to Encounter - How my Conversation with Muslims has changed me”
  • 3/2016by Prof. em. Kenneth Paul Kramer:
    “Martin Buber’s Sweet Sacrament of Dialogue” – Part III
  • 2/2016 – ditto Part II
  • 1/2016 – ditto Part I