Israel Interfaith Association (IAA)



Organization name:
אגדוה להבנה ביןדתית

Preferred English translation of the name of your organization:
Israel Interfaith Association (IAA)

Year of establishment or foundation of the organization: 

Brief history of the organization:
The Israel Interfaith Association is an independent organization that has been working since its inception in the year 1959 throughout the country to promote understanding and mutual respect between all the sects, religions, and ethnic groups within Israel. It aims are the uprooting of antiquated notions and the elimination of suspicions in order to pave the way for trust and mutual outreach. It also stands at the forefront defending attacks on human rights based on individuals' religious or ethnic identities, beliefs or lifestyles. The members of the association see ideals of promoting an atmosphere of tolerance and brotherhood between the religions and cults as a super-- political and super-party interest, above and beyond divisions and opposition among individuals and groups. They see activity in this area as a practical way to actualize the principles of equality between civilians, freedom of religion and consciousness as promised in the Declaration of Independence, and moral-humanistic ideas found in the different religions, as well as a way in which the various religions can contribute to the formation of a true peace -- peace between human beings.
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Number of members (approx.):

Where is your organization based?
Jerusalem, Israel.


Main focuses/areas of your work:

  • Getting to know each other better through visits of different religious institutions
  • Publishing of an Interfaith Calendar and the Journal “Religionen in Israel”
  • Lectures on Interreligious subjects

Which audiences do you work towards?
Academics, Grassroots, Young professionals, Retired professionals, Clergy, Students

How often does your organization meet?
Every three month.

Events regularly sponsored by your organization:

  • Interfaith Dialogue Seminar in Nes Ammim
  • Lectures and Visits in Jerusalem

Does your organization have any regular publications (in print or online)?

  • Interfaith Calendar: every month includes a postcard and lists all Jewish, Christian and Muslim Holidays
  • Religionen in Israel: Half- yearly publication on different subjects


Main working/publishing language of your organization:
English, Hebrew and Arabic

Officers of your organization:
President: Gabriele Zander
Vice- President: Michael Krupp

Briefly describe your organization’s relationship to the ICCJ:
We are co-founder of the ICCJ and since the beginning of the ICCJ a member. We are happy to be member of the ICCJ and to join the Annual conferences. As a small group that we are in Israel, it is important to be part of an international network and to exchange regularly experiences and thoughts in the field of Interfaith Dialogue

What is the greatest challenge your organization faces at the moment?
The tensions of the Israeli- Palestinian Conflict are more and more influencing Interfaith Dialogue, which is getting less popular over the last years in our region.  We believe, Interfaith Dialogue could contribute a lot in reducing also political tensions, but it´s not easy convincing people to become active.
Actually the Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge for people of all religions and should bring us together in solidarity, but the rules of social distances make it difficult to be in direct encounter and exchange of thoughts, which would be so necessary in these challenging times.

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