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    Webinar: Digital Interreligious Dialogue?

    On June 28, 6 p.m. UTC the ICCJ is going to hold a webinar that will explore the possibilities and pitfalls of online interreligious dialogue. Registration for participants is open!

    ICCJ General Secretary
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    CCJR Statement: A Message of Faith and Hope

    In light of the overwhelming pain at the murder of George Floyd ICCJ's member organization in the United States, the Council of Centers on Jewish-Christian Relations (CCJR), published a statement that the ICCJ disseminates with heartfelt sympathy.

    ICCJ General Secretary
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    ICCJ President's Greetings for Pesach and Easter

    History repeats itself. Stories are heard over and over again. Readings in synagogues and churches are the same year after year. So what is the news and is there any good news?

    ICCJ President
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    ICCJ Consultation "Many Meanings of Mission"

    The ICCJ Board convened in February 2020 in the ICCJ headquarters, the Martin-Buber-House in Heppenheim, for a two-day consultation on a provocative and essential theme: "The Many Meanings of Mission" - a report by ICCJ's First Vice President Liliane Apotheker [updated May 6, 2020].

    ICCJ Vice President
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    COVID-19 - Common Enemy of Humankind

    13.03.2020 - The ICCJ wishes to express its solidarity with all the people world-wide who have been affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. The present outbreak and the response to it have confirmed our common humanity and our common desire to “choose life” (Deut. 30:19). Humankind has a common enemy in the virus and we are working together to contain it.

    ICCJ General Secretary
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    Back in Heppenheim to keep working on future IAF actions (Jan. 2020)

    03.03.2020 - After the successful and enjoyable time in Lund for the ICCJ 2019 International Conference, the steering committee of the International Abrahamic Forum met in Heppenheim on January 20-21, 2020.

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    ICCJ 2020 Conference: Stories We Live By

    Preparations for ICCJ's 2020 annual conference to be held in Bratislava/Slovakia, June 28 - July 1, are under way. The theme of the conference is "Stories We Live By: Relating to the Self and Other".

    ICCJ General Secretary
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    JCRelations.net: February edition online

    New articles are available on JCRelations.net: February contributions in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian are online.


    JCR Editor in Chief
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    Opening Doors

    Sheila Barshay Goldbloom, the widow of ICCJ's former President Victor Goldbloom (z"l), recently published her memoirs, entitled "Opening Doors" – a book review by Deborah Weissman.

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    JCRelations.net: January edition online

    New articles are available on JCRelations.net: January contributions in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian are online.

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    ICCJ President's Greetings for Chanukkah and Christmas

    Festivals of Light! This year Christmas and Chanukkah are celebrated at the same time. For many engaged in dialogue between Jews and Christians it is tempting to compare these holidays with each other.

  • Call for Workshops - ICCJ Conference 2020 in Bratislava

    The ICCJ invites proposals for workshops touching on topics of and issues related to the annual conference theme as well as additionally proposals for workshops on the current state of Jewish-Christian dialogue.