Countdown to ICCJ's 2019 Conference in Lund

In only a few days (June 30 - July 3) the ICCJ will welcome participants from all over the world to its 2019 annual conference in Lund, Sweden. It is time to introduce the members of the planning committee who are helping to realize one of the ICCJ highlights of the year.

[The final draft of the program booklet can be found here]

While the staff at the ICCJ headquarters in Heppenheim, Germany, and the members of the local planning committee in Lund, Sweden, are busy with finalizing last details for the conference, the participants can look forward to a program of six plenary sessions and twenty workshops offered by more than fifty speakers and presenters.

Last-minute participants in the conference are still most welcome and we are keeping the registration page open for some additional days.

Such a comprehensive and varied program, covering many aspects of this year's conference theme "Transformation Within and Between: How Does Our New Relationship Affect Christian and Jewish Self-Understandings?" as well as current topics related to Jewish-Christian relations and interreligious dialogue in general, needs many helping hands and smart minds.
And here they are - the members of the "Lund conference planning committee":


Rev Dr Bo Sandahl
is the current President of the ICCJ and the Dean of Lund.

He served as Chairman of the local Swedish Council of Jews and Christians South Region (Samarbetsrådet för Judar och Kristna Region Syd) for 10 years and has written extensively in Swedish on topics pertaining to interreligious dialogue in general and Jewish-Christian relations in particular.

Rabbi Dr Peter Borenstein
is Professor Emeritus of Neurology and long-time spiritual leader of the Jewish congregation in Gothenburg.

He chairs Gothenburg’s Interreligious Council and has served many years on the Board of the Swedish Council of Jews and Christians.


Members (in alphabetical order): 

Anette Adelmann
is a researcher and lecturer within the field of Jewish studies and serves as the General Secretary of the ICCJ since 5 years.

She is involved in global ecumenical and interreligious projects as well as local interfaith initiatives.

Father Misha Jaksic
is an East-Orthodox priest and co-ordinator of the Christian Council of Sweden.

He is involved in ecumenical and interreligious initiatives since many years, and is teaching pastoral theology at the Orthodox Academy of St Ignatios. He is a board-member of the regional Council of Jews and Christians.

Rev. Günther Liebisch
is a retired theologian and priest in the Church of Sweden who resides in Lund.

He is the current Chairman of the Council of Jews and Christians in South Sweden (Samarbetsrådet för Judar och Kristna Region Syd).

Rabbi Rebecca Lillian
is a Swedish-American teacher and lecturer who resides in Malmö.

She is involved in Abrahamic dialogue both locally and internationally. She frequently lectures on topics concerning multiculturalism and the role of women in religious and interreligious settings.

Nike Snijders
is a former Vice Chair of the Swedish Council of Jews and Christians South Region.

She has served as ICCJ’s Communications Officer since 2015 and functions as a conference co-ordinator for the 2019 conference in Lund.

Dr Jesper Svartvik
is a Swedish theologian, professor and author who earned his PhD studying early Jewish-Christian relations.

He held the Krister Stendahl professorship in Lund and Jerusalem for ten years and chaired the Swedish Committee Against Antisemitism from 2005-2009.