Registration Open for the ICCJ Annual Conference 2019

The ICCJ headquarters cordially invites people of all faiths who are interested in Jewish-Christian dialogue and open to fair-minded interfaith encounters to register for the ICCJ conference 2019 in Lund, Sweden.

The ICCJ 2019 annual conference will be held in Lund, Sweden, from Sunday, June 30, till Wednesday, July 3, and the theme of the conference is “Transformations Within and Between: How Does Our New Relationship Affect Christian and Jewish Self-Understandings?”.

The ICCJ and its highly experienced conference team at ICCJ's headquarters in Heppenheim, Germany is honored to organize the conference in cooperation with its Swedish member organization, Samarbetsrådet för judar och kristna, supported by a knowledgeable and committed local planning committee. Working together with and being supported by excellent local and regional institutions, religious groups and organizations and civic authorities, this conference will welcome people from around the world to the city of Lund, in southernmost Sweden.

Together with six plenary sessions, there will be a total of 21 workshops, which will cover a wide range of themes related to the conference theme and Jewish-Christian relations and interreligious dialogue in general.
The variety of topics addressed during the conference will be completed by field trips to local sites in Lund and its vicinity and to Malmö offering insights into cultural and religious characteristics of the region in past and present.

This year a special workshop session will be offered on Wednesday afternoon, following a festive moment in the conference auditorium, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ICCJ document "A Time for Recommitment to Jewish-Christian Relations: The Twelve Points of Berlin", and we will mark the 40th anniversary of ICCJ's member organization in Sweden, Samarbetsrådet för judar och kristna (Cooperation Council for Jews and Christians), which is active in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lund / Malmö.

All plenary sessions and four of the workshops will be held with simultaneous translation into English and Swedish, the other workshops will be offered in English.

You can find further information about the conference program and a link to the registration form here.


Teaser picture front page:
University of Lund, Main Building (photographer: Francois Polito; permission: cc by-sa 3.0)