Reaction of the Canadian branch "Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal" to the shooting at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec

The ICCJ strongly endorses the statement published by the Canadian organization "Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal" (CJDM) in the aftermath of the shooting in Québec.

A Senseless Violation of the Sanctity of a House of Worship

Montreal, January 30, 2017 – The members of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal are deeply saddened and horrified by the shooting and killing of innocent Muslims in prayer at the Centre culturel islamique de Québec last night, Monday, January 29. Our sacred texts teach us to love our neighbours and to value all life. We cannot imagine a greater breach of security in our society than to see such a senseless violation of the sanctity of a mosque. Our houses of worship are our most sacred places where we expect to be able to enter to pray without fear. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones and to all those in Quebec’s Muslim communities who are now living in fear of their safety.

As people of the Abrahamic faiths, we reach out in love and support of our Muslim siblings. We call out to all the citizens of Quebec to reject hatred and violence. During this week that the UN has designated the Week of World Interfaith Harmony (Feb. 1 to 7, 2017), may we call upon all our communities to build harmony. May love guide us through these troubling times.

In peace,

On behalf of the members of the CJDM

Rev. D. Rollert, President