Standing together in strength and compassion

The International Abrahamic Forum is appalled at the spate of attacks in recent weeks that have shocked the world, most recently in Nice, France.

Just in the past few weeks wanton mass violence has happened in Baghdad, Istanbul, Bangladesh, Orlando, and Medina. The loss of life deeply pains our hearts. The victims, their friends and families are in our prayers as we mourn alongside them. We condemn, unconditionally, these evil acts wherever they have taken place. The IAF calls on all to separate the wicked acts of a few from any religious community the attackers might feel they represent. We are particularly worried at the disturbing language being directed toward the Muslim community at this time.

It is necessary to remind people that the victims of these horrific acts belong to all faiths - many of them Muslims, as well as Jews and Christians. The fact that these individuals also have attacked venerated religious sites, especially the sacred Mosque of the Prophet in Madinah at the end of the holy month of Ramadan underscores the fact that they are enemies of all faiths, including Islam. We also urge people to reflect on the fact that these attackers often do not have religious backgrounds and are not connected to any Islamic organisation. 

This is a time for communities and countries not to be divided, but to stand together in strength and compassion. Divisive attitudes at this difficult period only serve those who wish to sow discord in our societies and the world at large.

In friendship and solidarity
The International Abrahamic Forum