Father Emile Shoufani receives the annual award of the French Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne

On Monday November 17th, Father Emile Shoufani, known to the French speaking world as «The Priest of Nazareth» received the prestigious award of the French A.J.C.

More than 300 people gathered to attend the event which received wide press coverage in Catholic and Protestant newspapers and magazines. The prestigious ceremony took place in the beautifully restaured auditorium of the Medieval Collège des Bernardins.

Mrs. J. Cuche, President of Amitié Judéo-Chrétienne de France described the infatigable work of Father Shoufani in the field of Jewish-Christian dialogue in Israel and in France. In 2003 Father Shoufani brought a group of 500 people, Jews, Christians and Muslims of Israeli, Belgian and Franch nationality, to the site of Auschwitz – Birkenau. Memory for Peace was the motto of that unique endeavor, or as Father Shoufani had put it himself : «If you want peace, prepare peace».

Father Shoufani, a Melkite priest, lives in Nazareth and is the director of St-Joseph college. He continues to focus on deepening the relationship between Christians and Jews and between Christians and Muslim, both as an educator and as a spiritual leader.

The award was presented to him in recognition for this.