YLC International Conference "Sowing Dialogue"

Every year the Young Leadership council, the youth arm of the ICCJ, brings together Jews, Christians and Muslims. This year we will be meeting in Uruguay near Rio de la Plata on August 15 - 17, right before the ICCJ conference in Buenos Aires.

Our conference will take place at Centro Emmanuel, an ecological educational centre outside of Colonia Valdense.

The purpose of our yearly conference is to bring together young people from across the world in order to meet, share and learn from and about each other as well as encourage and train them in skills relating to participation in Interfaith Dialogue.
The conference aims to bring people together to learn more about the different faith traditions. We encourage this through programming which includes workshops and creative activities such as music, dance and theatre; shared prayer times and services, and daily interaction with sacred texts, to name just a few. We desire that those who attend these conferences leave feeling equipped, inspired, and encouraged to engage ICCJ member organizations and local communities in meaningful dialogue that is accessible to all ages.
For more information see ICCJ.org and click on the YLC tab or contact YLCboard@gmail.com