Lady Hazel Sternberg z''l (1928-2014)

Together with our Patron, Sir Sigmund Sternberg, the ICCJ mourns the passing of his beloved wife, Lady Hazel Sternberg.

Lady Hazel Sternberg, the wife of Sir Sigmund Sternberg, died on the 3rd of May. She was 86. After the death of her first husband, Victor Sternberg, she married his cousin, Sigmund, in 1970.

Social worker, magistrate and marriage counsellor, she was Sir Sigmund's constant companion on his journeys across the globe in search of harmony between the world faiths. At home, she immersed herself in her social work, a field in which she was exceedingly gifted. She supported victims of the Kings Cross fire and the Marchioness disaster, worked with the Cruse Highgate Bereavement services and served as trustee of the Sternberg Charitable Foundation and Manor House Centre in Psychotherapy and Counselling.

Lady Sternberg was the only Jewish woman whose work was recognised by the Pope. She was presented with the Papal Order of St Sylvester, as well as other distinctions including the Order of St Francis I.

She is survived by her husband, her daughter, Ruth (Tamir) and her son David and five granchildren. She was much loved by all who knew her and respected everywhere for her qualities of selfless concern and commitment in all her public activities.