Rabbi Skorka 2014 Conference Chair

Rabbi Abraham Skorka, Rector of the Seminario Rabinico Latinoamericano in Buenos Aires, will chair the 2014 ICCJ Planning Committee. With this good news the Jewish year 5774 started!

The international conference of the ICCJ will be held next year in Buenos Aires, starting on Tuesday, August 19. The ICCJ Annual General Meeting will take place on Friday, August 22 at the Abasto Hotel, the 2014 conference hotel.

Rabbi Skorka will head a committee composed of representatives of the Argentinian Council of Christians and Jews, other Argentinian and Latin American institutions involved in the conference and of course members of the ICCJ Executive Board. The conversation on themes and subthemes already has started. ICCJ General Secretary Rev. Dick Pruiksma will visit Buenos Aires end of this month.

Together with then Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, Rabbi Skorka published in 2010 the volume “Sobre el Cielo y la Tierra / Between heaven and earth” a compilation of the dialogue they had in Buenos Aires.