Gold medallion for Dick Pruiksma

Outgoing ICCJ General Secretary Rev Dick Pruiksma has last week been awarded with the ICCJ gold medallion “Peace through Dialogue”, initiated by ICCJ's Patron Sir Sigmund Sternberg. The awarding ceremony took place during the festive dinner concluding ICCJ’s 2013 Aix en Provence conference.

Rev Pruiksma has been awarded “in recognition of his dedicated initiative and drive in ensuring the continuing leadership of the ICCJ in light of the changing challenges of the 21st century.” Dick Pruiksma became ICCJ’s General Secretary in September 2006 after having been member of ICCJ’s Executive Board and President of OJEC, the Dutch CCJ, already for many years. An ICCJ search committee will conduct job interviews with applicants for Pruiksma’s job after the summer break. A decision about a successor is expected to be taken end of September. Rev Pruiksma will be in office until the end of this year. He has been invited by the ICCJ Executive Board to serve the organisation as a consultant in the years to come.