Living history

One of our members from Belgium, Rev. Peter Janssen, has researched and written a brand-new book called Adventures in Dialogue: The Jerusalem Rainbow Group, Impressions of 45 Years of Jewish-Christian Dialogue.

The Rainbow is the oldest continuing inter-religious dialogue group in Jerusalem, going back to the mid-1960’s. In the book are such unforgettable figures as Father Marcel Dubois, Prof. Emil Fackenheim, Father Bruno Hussar,  all of blessed memory, and, on the other hand, people who are with us today, including Rabbi David Rosen, Sister Maureena Fritz, and Dr. Jacobus Schoneveld.  In addition to the historical material, there are practical guides to dialogue in English and in French.
Peter will be at our conference in Aix, ready to have you order your copy. If you won’t be there (or can’t wait that long) here is a link to the order form. Enjoy your adventure…