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Have you already visited, another ICCJ website? was created in 1994 by the German-Canadian Fritz Voll as one of the first internet sites for Christian-Jewish dialogue at all. It quickly became one of the most internationally recognized websites dealing with relations between Judaism and Christianity.

It is the one and only multilingual site on Jewish-Christian relations, collecting and publishing for almost twenty years now a wide spectrum of contributions, ranging from introductory articles to scholarly contributions, reports, church documents and reviews. On the first of every month (except August) new articles are posted in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.

In 2000 Fritz Voll handed over his website to the ICCJ. Dr. Christoph Münz, who was as a translator and editor since 2000 member of the German team, is since 2008 webmaster and editor responsible for the whole site. In future he will inform you every month about newly published items on

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Dick Pruiksma
Secretary General New in February

- Mary Ann Kaiser: The Dabru Emet’s Sister. A Christian Statement on Judaism and Christianity in the US
- Manfred Deselaers: After Auschwitz a culture of listening
- UN Holocaust commemoration. General Assembly ceremony marking the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust. Report

- Günther B. Ginzel: ... dass Jesus Christ ein geborener Jude war... Anmerkungen zum christlich-jüdischen Dialog.
- 27. Jänner sollte auch in Österreich ein offizieller Tag des Gedenkens an die jüdischen Opfer des NS-Regimes sein. Bericht
- Ingolf Seidel: Antisemitismus in der Einwanderungsgesellschaft. Rezension


- Jean Duhaime: Job face à son Dieu. Une lecture chrétienne.
- Commémoration des victimes de l'Holocauste: l'ONU rend hommage à ceux et celles qui ont sauvé des vies sous le nazisme. Comptes-rendus
- Jean Duhaime: L’apologie qui nuit à l’Église. Recension de livre

- Protestant Consultation on Israel and the Middle East(PCIME): Declaración de Jerusalén.