ICCJ on Facebook

A few weeks ago ICCJ created a Facebook page. The ICCJ Young Leadership Council and the ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum did so even before ICCJ itself became part of the FB community. The reason why is obvious: social media play an ever growing role in web communication. In particular younger people create their network on line. But not only the younger generation! To individuals and institutions social media offer an unheard opportunity to reach out to the general public. So: join us on Facebook!

Between the three ICCJ components active on Facebook, it is agreed to forward the information of each of the three also to both the other pages. Through this linking of their pages ICCJ, YLC and IAF will share their views with a daily growing audience and inform those interested in a particular subject also on activities in other ICCJ areas.

Given the nature of Facebook the messages, though frequent, will be short. No doubt they will often offer a link to ICCJ’s website where more detailed information can be found. The dissemination of news flashes - like this one - through the ICCJ website will continue. Communication through Facebook however promises to be an appropriate addition to ICCJ’s public relations strategy. You are most welcome to like one of the following Facebook pages. Please, do!

Young Leadership Council:
International Abrahamic Forum: