New feature for Memborgs

As from now a new list serve for all board members and executives of the 38 ICCJ member organizations world wide is open for use. Through this mailing list the ICCJ member organizations will be in contact with each other, they will keep their fellow organizations everywhere in the world informed about the activities in their respective countries and they will discuss through this mailing list the issues presently on the agenda of Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue.

This mailing list or list serve is available for all those who are a member or an executive in one of ICCJ’s national member organizations. The request to have a communication tool like this mailing list was urgently expressed during the 2011 Cracow Annual General Meeting. A first attempt to start the mutual exchange of opinions between ICCJ member organizations on a closed web based forum turned out to be too complicated. The new memborg list serve rather is easily manageable.

All ICCJ member organizations will receive in a few days the invitation and the agenda for the upcoming Manchester Annual General Meeting. One of the attachments will be a short instruction on how to register for the ICCJ memborgs mailing list. If you cannot wait that long (rightly so!) please, let us know: info(at) And we will send you this instruction right away. And then, let’s  use this great way of communication to enhance our worldwide network and our national organizations.

For individual members on e.g. the local level ICCJ regularly publishes news flashes to keep informed those who registered. Registration is open to everybody on