Cracow Program now updated

Today, June 1, the official registration for the 2011 ICCJ Cracow conference on "Religions and Ideologies" ended.

Until today 125 participants registrated. Together with our official guests and those still planning to attend, the overall number of participants will be approx. 150. Soon all participants will receive an e-mail, inviting them to register for the Monday July 4 and Wednesday July 6 workshops and the panels on Wednesday afternoon.

On Monday morning, July 4, six workshops are planned. One of them in French, five in English. Each participant is invited to sign up for one of these six concurrent workshops. On Wednesday morning, July 6, five concurrent workshops, all in English, are scheduled. During the afternoon of this last full conference day two concluding panels will be held. Participants are invited to choose the panel they want to participate in.

Detailed information is as from now available at:

Just forgotten to register? Registration form can be found at: