New ICCJ Board elected.

During the 57th ICCJ Annual General Meeting, held on Thursday July 7 at the Qubus Hotel in Cracow, elections for the ICCJ Executive Board had to take place. The ICCJ Constitution states that ICCJ Executive members serve the organization for a three year term and only can be re-elected once in the same position. Two board members stepped down. Mrs. Gunnel Borgegard from Sweden and Rabbi Andrew Goldstein from Great Britain. Gratitude was expressed for their involvment in ICCJ for many years.

The ICCJ President and the ICCJ treasurer have to be elected individually. The five other members of the board are elected jointly. The Jewish and the Christian candidates receiving most votes will serve as Vice-Presidents. Eight candidates run for these five positions. Before the elections took place, ICCJ President Dr Deborah Weissman thanked all eight candidates for their willingness to serve the organization. As only five candidates would in the end be elected, she expressed her hope that the three candidates not being elected would not cease their involvement in our interfaith work. After Rev. Dick Pruiksma, ICCJ General Secretary had explained the election procedures, three non-voting members of the General meeting were appointed to form an election committee.

On behalf of his fellow committee members, Canon Steve Williams from Great Britain and Michel Sternberg from France, committee chair Dr. Markus Himmelbauer (Austria) announced the following elections results:

ICCJ President Dr Deborah Weissman (Israel) and ICCJ Treasurer Dr. Abi Pitum (Germany) were unanimously re-elected in their positions. So was Rabbi Ehud Bandel (Israel) as first Vice-President. After a second round of voting it was made clear that Dr. Philip A. Cunningham (USA) will again  in the next three years be ICCJ's second Vice-President. Also Rev. David Gifford (Great Britain) was re-elected. With great pleasure two new members will join the ICCJ Board. Mrs. Liliane Apotheker, originally from France now living in the USA, and Dr. Michael Trainor from Australia will serve their first term in office.

A first conference call will take place as soon as possible to coordinate the work for the next year. A meeting of the Executive will as usual take place early next year.



Picture: left to right: Rabbiner Ehud Bandel, Dr. Abi Pitum, Mrs. Liliane Apotheker, Dr. Deborah Weissman, Dr. Michael Trainor, Dr. Philip A. Cunningham