In Memoriam Abdessalam Najjar

Together with our member organization in Israel, the ICCI, the ICCJ mourns the suden and untimely death of Abdessalam Najjar.

Abdessalam was a member of the Steering committee of our International Abrahamic forum and was to have presented a workshop at our conference in Manchester.

He was the co-vicechairperson of the ICCI and one of the founders of Neveh Shalom/Wahat el-Salam, a village of Jewish and Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. As his name indicates, he was a servant of God and a true man of peace. May his memory be blessed.

Here's a paper by Abdessalam Naijar - "Why Trialogue?" - presented to the International Abrahamic Forum Steering Committee (First meeting, December 2011):
"Why Trialogue?"