Forum “Shared Testament” started.

Rabbi Dalia Marx and Prof. Ursula Rudnick share with us on this website an exchange of thoughts on the weekly Torah portions. On each portion there is a Jewish view by Rabbi Marx with a Christian response by Prof. Rudnick and vice versa. Three portions have been discussed so far:

1.       on Moses and Yithro

2.       on Hagar and Sarah and

3.       on Rachel and Leah.


All contributions can be found by clicking the link on the ICCJ home page.


The “Shared testament Forum” has recently been opened with responses, questions and remarks on Dalia’s and Ursula’s contributions. Peta Pellach Jones from Israel, Elijah Interfaith Institute, and Marianne Dacy, Australian CCJ, are the first to comment.


Click on FORUM in the main menu, go to the “Shared testament Forum” and be part of this study on the Torah portions.