New ICCJ Educational Guide

ICCJ is proud to present the first installment of a brand new educational guide to ICCJ’s ‘Twelve Points of Berlin’. During the 2009 ICCJ conference in Berlin, co-hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the document ‘A Time for Recommitment’ was presented.

Part of this document is ‘The Twelve Points of Berlin’, signed by most of the ICCJ member organizations.  In twelve 'Calls' –four to Christians, four to Jews and four to all people of good will – all are encouraged to re-commit themselves to Jewish-Christian and to broader interreligious dialogue.

Though the whole document ‘A Time for Recommitment’ is crucial for it’s background, the Educational Guide focusses on ‘The Twelve Points’, explaining, elaborating and illustrating them step by step. The now published first part of the Educational Guide covers the first four Points, calling on Christians and Christian communities. The rest of the Educational Guide exploring the other eight points will be published soon.

With this publication a huge amount of important information has been made available for schools and universities, synagogue and church groups, local or regional institutions engaged in interreligious dialogue and to all who want to deepen their understanding of the other.


Just go to, click in the main menu the ‘Berlin Doc’ tab and open the Educational Guide.


The document ‘A Time for Recommitment’ and/or ‘The Twelve Points of Berlin’ is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hebrew.