Upcoming events

An eventful week will start on Sunday, October 23. In Vienna that day some 20 participants in the Central and Eastern European regional conference will arrive to take part in a fully packed two day program. Seven countries will be represented.

Every second year our Austrian friends initiate such a conference to keep in contact with ICCJ members in the region and other individuals engaged in Jewish Christian dialogue. Two years ago we met in Arad (Rumania), this time Austria is the venue. The theme of the conference focuses on education. ICCJ General Secretary Rev. Dick Pruiksma will give a lecture on the ICCJ document “A Time for Recommitment” and the Twelve Points of Berlin.

On Wednesday, October 26, ICCJ President Dr. Deborah Weissman and the ICCJ General Secretary will attend a board meeting of our Israeli member organization, the Interreligious Coordinating Council Israel. During this meeting we hope to plan one or even more consultations in Israel to take place next year. These meetings also should concentrate on the ICCJ Berlin document.

Thursday and Friday, October 27 and 28, a meeting will take place in Bet Jalla near Bethlehem, discussing the Kairos-Palestine document, published two years ago by Palestinian Christians. This document has caused a lot of discussion in Christian churches world wide. Some twenty participants, representing the Kairos authors, the ICCJ and European churches will gather and discuss issues like: the Jewishness of Jesus, Theology and Justice and the meaning of the Land.


On his way back from Israel to Holland, Rev. Dick Pruiksma will be a panelist in Zürich, Switzerland. This meeting is organized by the Reformed Church of Zürich and is also dealing with the Kairos Palestine document. All this be continued.