Bratislava Lecture Dr. Weissman

Earlier this year ICCJ President Dr. Deborah Weissman gave a lecture in Bratislava. Venue for this meeting was the Slovak National Museum. The text of this lecture is available on the website of our Austrian colleagues.

The gathering was organized by the Austrian Coordinating Committee for Jewish-Christian Cooperation and aimed at strengthening the work of our Slovakian friends.

The Austrian CCJ member organization traditionally cherishes its many contacts in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Every second year they initiate a regional conference, bringing together around the dialogue table many personalities from countries as Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Romania. The next regional meeting will take place in Vienna, 23-25 October, on the ICCJ Berlin document ‘A Time for Recommitment’ and the Twelve Berlin Points, this time focusing on education.

Dr. Weissman’s lecture can be found at: