Welcome Francesca Frazer.

Out of twelve applicants for the free lance position to assist the Steering Committee of ICCJ’s trilateral Abrahamic Forum, Francesca Frazer (Manchester, UK) was chosen. It is ICCJ’s great pleasure to announce her appointment as our Project Coordinator.


Francesca is the Co-Administrator of the Centre for Jewish Studies, at the University of Manchester; Editorial Assistant for Melilah: Manchester Journal for Jewish Studies; Committee Member and Web Officer for the Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) in Manchester; Co-ordinator of the 2012 Conference of the International Council of Christians and Jews (ICCJ) in Manchester. She reports for BBC Radio Manchester’s Jewish Hour and is involved in recruitment and widening participation for the department of Religions and Theology, delivering workshops to Years 7-11 and lectures to Sixth Form students. Recent presentations include ‘Religious and Philosophical Views about Life after Death’ and ‘The Israel Debate: Jewish-Christian-Muslim Relations’. PhD topic: ‘Samuel Sandmel: Post-Holocaust US Communal Leader, New Testament Scholar, and Pioneer in Jewish-Christian Relations’ (supervised by Prof. Daniel Langton).


Francesca will assist the first meeting of the Abrahamic Forum’s steering Committee 11-13 December this year in the Martin Buber House, Heppenheim.