Interreligious commemoration of ‘10 year 9/11’

Ten years ago the terrible attacks of 9/11 occurred. These attacks changed the world. Wars and attacks followed the events of 9/11. Hundreds of thousands worldwide became victim of this violence, in particular Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also citizens of London, Madrid and Istanbul.

The German Abrahamic Forum, headed by Dr Jürgen Micksch (picture), prepared a statement which can be read on or around 9/11 this year on Friday in mosques, on Saturday in synagogues and/or on Sunday in churches. Christians, Jews and Muslims are encouraged to join during these days during services, showing their shared rejection of violence. H.E. José Manuel Durão Barroso, the chair of the European Committee, supports the Statement of the German Abrahamic Forum.

The declaration of the German Abrahamic Forum states that acts of violence like 9/11 are absolutely unjustifiable. A growing Abrahamic dialogue and increasing cooperation between the adherents of the three Abrahamic religions can contribute to a more peaceful world. 


The German Abrahamic Forum is part of the Intercultural Council of Germany. In the Abrahamic Forum Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives of regional and national bodies come together. The Forum started its activities more than ten years ago in the Martin Buber House, head office of the International Council of Christians and Jews. The ICCJ is still part of the German Abrahamic Forum and just recently revived its own ICCJ International Abrahamic Forum.


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Picture homepage: The "Haus am Dom" the Community Center of Frankfurt Cathedral, meeting place of the German Abrahamic Forum.