Condolences to our Polish Friends

Heppenheim, 12 April 2010

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you both personally and on behalf of the International Council of Christians and Jews and its member organizations throughout the world. We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the tragic plane crash that ended the lives of so many Poles, including the President and First Lady, as well as many national leaders in the political, military, religious and other realms.

We understand that this is considered to be the worst catastrophe in the post-War history of Poland. You have our identification and deepest sympathy. We have learned that one of the victims was the President’s chaplain, Father Roman Indrzejczyk, a member of your organization and considered to be a “very special human being” by those who knew him. We join those who mourn his loss.

Overcoming the difficulties it experienced in the 20th century, Poland, in recent years, has been for the world a model of democratization and development. We sincerely hope that the Polish people will draw strength from the resources of their national and religious traditions to cope with the present crisis.

I will conclude with a traditional Jewish saying: “May you be comforted from Heaven.”

Very sincerely,
Dr. Deborah Weissman
ICCJ President