Challenging Trilateral Consultation

Berlin - Co-hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the ICCJ held a Jewish-Christian-Muslim consultation in Berlin this week. Aim of the consultation was to lay the foundations of the ICCJ Abrahamic Forum, the renewal of which had been decided by the Executive Board last summer in Istanbul.

An expert group of four representatives from each of the three faith traditions, supported by three Adenauer Academy and ICCJ staff, heard three excellent lectures given by Prof. Rabbi Reuven Firestone of Hebrew Union College, Los Angeles, Prof. Mohammed Dajani of Al-Quds University in Jerusalem and Prof. Karl-Joseph Kuschel from Eberhard Karls University Tübingen.

Among other important items discussed the equal position of all three dialogue partners was stressed. When a Jewish-Christian dialogue organisation like ICCJ opens a trilateral forum, then Muslims are no guests but partners because trilateral dialogue has its value in its own.

As a result of this consultation a preamble, a charter and an agenda for the revived Abrahamic Forum will be submitted to the ICCJ Executive meeting in Heppenheim, January 9-11. Lectures and responses of the consultation will be published in our web library as soon as they are available. Those who registered at this website under MyICCJ to receive newsflashes will be informed immediately.