75th Anniversary of the Seelisberg Conference - 75 Years of ICCJ

When the Seelisberg conference took place in 1947, Europe was devastated by WW2 and all its horrific consequences. In this context, Jewish and Christian theologians gathered in Switzerland for an "International Emergency Conference on Antisemitism".


The courage displayed by the participants must inspire us all to pursue our work in particular in these trying times.

Seelisberg is known largely for its “Ten Theses,” and for the founding of the ICCJ. Hence, the ICCJ is going to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Seelisberg conference in the following months by a series of activities:

  • As an opening a webinar about Jules Isaac, entitled "The Jewish Conscience behind the Ten Theses of Seelisberg" was held on March 20, 2022. A recording of the webinar with Dr Norman Tobias (Canada) as speaker and moderated by ICCJ President Liliane Apotheker (France) is available online:


  • From end of March till the beginning of August special editions of the ICCJ newsletter will be sent out every two weeks, each with a pair of short essays reflecting "Seelisberg". The reflections have been submitted by a diverse group of authors, including theologians, clergy, academics and dialogue activists representing different regions of the world, religious affiliations, genders and ages. Their diversity mirrors the character of the ICCJ and its member organizations. To receive the "Special Edition: Seelisberg@75", subcribe to the ICCJ newsletter:


  • A regularly updated and successively growing ICCJ website "Seelisberg@75" offers the collection of the "Seelisberg Reflections", pictures, videos, documents, and more about the Seelisberg conference:


  • The original conference took place from July 30 till August 5, 1947, and we are planning to mark this occasion by a study day on Thursday, August 4, 2022 with a webinar, an online workshop, and the launch of the by then completed website "Seelisberg@75".


ICCJ invites you to participate in the entire program. Feel free to spread the information widely, and please invite people to subscribe to our newsletter.