COVID-19 - Common Enemy of Humankind

13.03.2020 - The ICCJ wishes to express its solidarity with all the people world-wide who have been affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus. The present outbreak and the response to it have confirmed our common humanity and our common desire to “choose life” (Deut. 30:19). Humankind has a common enemy in the virus and we are working together to contain it.

Millions of people in various countries, including many in which the ICCJ has member organizations, have been isolated. Human closeness and connection are of prime importance in our religious traditions.
Fortunately, through modern technology, we can stay in contact despite quarantine. It is up to us as
religious people to show our concern for others and help in any way we can, while safeguarding our own health and the health of our families.

We should not be driven by fear or panic; “the other” isn’t a threat. The other is another human being, created in the Image of God, in whose face we can see the Divine.

We hope and pray for health and peace. May the virus be halted and  contained and may we continue to cooperate for the general survival of the planet and the flourishing of its inhabitants.