Light and Darkness

As a contribution to this year's Chanukkah and Christmas celebrations all around the world ICCJ's Theology Committee offers an one-hour video seminar on "Light and Darkness: Our Festivals and Our Times"

The video contains five brief presentations reflecting various perspectives on the theme:

  • A personal experience of a Chanukkah-Advent multifaith event
  • An exploration of the themes “light” and “darkness” with an appeal to engage both symbols even to experience “living in darkness”
  • A Jewish appreciation of Chanukkah as an embrace of culture and expression of identity
  • An exposition of Matthew’s story of the Magi
  • A geographical / spatial insight into light and darkness from the southern hemisphere

A concluding 5 mins has the presenters engaging each other with their particular insights.


Please note:
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Picture on the frontpage: Photograph of the solar eclipse by Arthur Eddington and Edwin Cottingham, Principe, 29 May 1919, credit: Royal Astronomical Society