Call for Workshops - ICCJ Conference 2020 in Bratislava

The ICCJ invites proposals for workshops touching on topics of and issues related to the annual conference theme as well as additionally proposals for workshops on the current state of Jewish-Christian dialogue.


In addition to plenary sessions, keynote papers, and visits to local sites, the ICCJ also puts a great emphasis on the interactive workshops that occur during its annual conferences.


The next ICCJ conference will take place in Bratislava, Slovakia, from June 28 to July 1, 2020, and the ICCJ invites proposals for workshops touching on the topics of and issues related to the annual conference theme "Stories We Live By: Relating to the Self and Other" (an introduction to the conference theme can be found here).

Additionally, proposals for workshops on the current state of Jewish-Christian, and Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue on the international or local scenes are also invited.



Proposals of no more than 250 words are due by January 31, 2020 and are to be sent to: Petra Grünewald-Stangl (gruenewald-stangl[at]

Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals by March 2, 2020.


Guidelines for preparing workshop proposals:

  1. Workshops are expected to be interactive, involving the participants as much as possible; they are not meant to be lectures or academic papers delivered to passive audiences. They can be panel presentations, in which case having Jews and Christians (and Muslims) as discussants is preferred.
  2. Workshops are to be conducted in the languages of the conference (i.e., English and/or Slovak).
  3. Workshop presenters are expected to respect the given time frame (90 minutes).
  4. If relevant and/or possible, workshop presenters are encouraged to provide handouts to participants.
  5. Workshop presenters are kindly asked to cover their expenses related to the conference as no bursaries are available. Thank you for your understanding.


There is a limited number of workshop slots available. The conference program committee will select from the proposals it receives on the basis of their relevance to the conference theme and/or the significance of the topics proposed. Proposals on related topics may be grouped together.




A pdf-file of the "Call for Workshops", an introduction to the conference theme included, can be found here - please share it with colleagues and friends.


Further information will follow on ICCJ's website in due time.

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The online-registration for participants in ICCJ's 2020 conference will open at the end of February 2020.