To mark the 75th anniversary of the Seelisberg Conference and ICCJ's foundation, special editions of the ICCJ newsletter will be sent out every two weeks till the 5th of August each with a pair of short essays reflecting "Seelisberg".

The reflections have been submitted by a diverse group of authors, including theologians, clergy, academics and dialogue activists representing different regions of the world, religious affiliations, genders and ages. Their diversity mirrors the character of the ICCJ and its member organizations.



March 21, 2022:

Judith Hershcopf Banki (USA):
Reflections on the Seelisberg Conference and its 10 Points

Murray Watson (Canada):
How Far We Have Come - And How Far We Have Yet To Go!

April 4, 2022:

Jane Clements (UK):
Towards a Synthesis: Examining the Need for a New Context in Dialogue

Abraham Skorka (Argentina):
Reflection on Seelisberg

April 18, 2022:

Martín de Salterain Samudio (Uruguay):
Address from the Churches

Katharina von Kellenbach (Germany):
Defining Antisemitism - 75 Years after the Ten Points of Seelisberg

May 2, 2022:

Peter Colwell (UK):
From Seelisberg to Jerusalem: The Changing Context of International Jewish-Christian Relations

Walter Homolka (Germany):
The Ten Points of Seelisberg: Point 2 and Point 5

May 16, 2022:

Victoria J. Barnett (USA):
Seelisberg and the Singular Nature of Antisemitism

Marco Cassuto Morselli (Italy):
Continuing along the Path Begun in Seelisberg

May 30, 2022:

Peter Admirand (Ireland):
Difficult Truths for the Next Generation: The 75th Anniversary of the 10 Points of Seelisberg and the Future of Jewish-Christian Identity and Dialogue

Jesper Svartvik (Sweden):
Do We Have a Decalogue for Dialogue in Box 9906753?

June 13, 2022:

Heather Miller Rubens (USA):
To Remember & To Avoid: Ten Lessons for Today

Christian M. Rutishauser (Switzerland):
Every Anniversary has its Own Challenge

July 4, 2022:

Héctor Acero Ferrer (Canada):
The Conscience of Seelisberg

Pavel Hošek (Czech Republic):
From the Ten Points of Seelisberg to the Twelve Points of Berlin

July 18, 2022:

Michael G. Azar (USA):
"No civilized person would deny those who years ago were taken away from their homes against their will, the right to relief and to recuperation and the right to build up their own lives afresh" (Seelisberg conference)

Emmanuel Nathan (Australia):
Points from Down Under - The Future Memories of Seelisberg

August 05, 2022:

Urs Urech (Switzerland):
Thoughts on the Relevance of the Seelisberg Theses for Christian-Jewish Dialogue Today in Switzerland and Elsewhere