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New articles are available on JCRelations.net: May contributions in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian are online.

English articles:

- Alexandra Hawryluk: “Secularity - opportunity or peril for religions?” Impressions and reflections about the ICCJ Conference 2013 at Aix en Provence in the light of the current events in Ukraine.
- Malcolm Lowe: Who Are the Heads of Churches in Jerusalem?
- Paul Parker: The Challenges of Christian Ecumenism in Israel and Palestine
- Deborah Weissman: Jewish-Christian Dialogue: Commitment and Challenges.Report
- Eric E. Tuten: Religious Worldviews and Evolving Political Realities. Book review.

JCR English articles

German articles:

- Malcolm Lowe: Wer sind die Oberhäupter der Kirchen in Jerusalem?
- Michael Krupp: Zum Tode von Rolf Rendtorff (10.5.1925–1.4.2014). Ein Nachruf.
- JCR: „Ein religiöser Exklusivanspruch ist peinlich“. Bericht
- Chajm Guski: Rabbiner Dr. Max Dienemanns Werk »Judentum und Christentum« wieder gedruckt erhältlich. Buchvorstellung

JCR German articles

French article:

- Michel Jébrak : Une Vision Juive de l'Environnement.

JCR French article

Spanish article:

- Edward Kessler: Jesús y los judíos.

JCR Spanish article

Russian article:

- Давид Флуссер: Тезисы о возникновении христианства из иудаизма

JCR Russian article