The Shared Testament

Two feminist scholars, a liberal rabbi and an ordained Lutheran minister, in dialogue about the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible, called in Hebrew the TaNaKh, known to Christians as the Old Testament -- this has been called "the shared testament" or shared scriptural heritage of Jews and Christians.

Two feminist scholars, a liberal rabbi and an ordained Lutheran minister, both well-versed in inter-religious dialogue, will from time to time conduct a conversation about their interpretations of shared texts. Dalia Marx of Israel and Ursula Rudnick of Germany invite you to participate with them in an on-line conversation about theology, feminism, and interpretation.

The authors

Rabbi Dalia Marx (PhD.), tenth generation in Jerusalem. Marx has earned her doctorate at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and her rabbinic ordination at HUC-JIR, the Reform seminary, in Jerusalem and Cincinnati (2003).
Marx is an assistant professor for Liturgy and Midrash at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. She teaches in various academic institutions in Israel and Europe. She is involved in various research groups and is active in voicing progressive Judaism in Israel. She writes for academic journals as well as in the Israeli press and is engaged in creating new liturgies.

Ursula Rudnick (PhD.), is a Lutheran Theologian. She studied Protestant Theology at the Universities of Tübingen and Göttingen where she earned an M.A. She received a second M.A. and a Ph.D. from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America in New York. After her ordination as a Lutheran minister in the Evangelical Church of Hanover, she taught at the Universities of Aachen and Hanover where she is a professor at the Institute of Theology and Comparative Religion. Furthermore, she serves as a consultant for Jewish-Christian Relations of the Evangelical Church of Hanover. Ursula Rudnick has worked in Jewish-Christian relations for many years: locally, in the region of Lower Saxony, national as well as international. She has published extensively in the field of Jewish-Christian relations.

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- The Lost Voice of Dinah. A Jewish Perspective by Dalia Marx and a Christian Response by Ursula Rudnick.

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