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Religious Identity
in a Multifaith Society

Young Leadership Council
2016 International Conference


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YLC Conference 2016


The Young Leadership Council

2016 International Conference


Religious Identity in a Multifaith Society

July 14th – July 17th 2016



Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Thursday, July 14th – Sunday, July 17th 2016
The conference will begin on Thursday afternoon and conclude on Sunday at midday. Being available for the full duration of the conference is important, so we recommend arriving Thursday morning. Every effort is made to ensure the conference is Shabbat-friendly.


The YLC Conference 2016 is taking place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the campus of Saint Joseph’s University immediately following the ICCJ annual meeting. We will be staying on campus and visiting various sites across the city.


The Young Leadership Council (YLC) is the youth branch of the International Council for Christians and Jews (ICCJ). It focusses on dialogue between Jews, Christians and Muslim and forms one of the two trilateral forums of the ICCJ.

Each year, the YLC hosts an international conference that brings together a group of carefully selected participants from diverse religious backgrounds and geographical locations. Past participants have come from diverse regions including nations in North and South America, Europe, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.


The purpose of our yearly conference is to bring together young people from across the world in order to both encourage and train them in skills relating to participation in Interfaith Dialogue. It is our hope that these yearly conferences will inspire participants to take what they have learned back to their home communities. The primary aim of this yearly conference is to meet, share and learn from and about each other. While we understand that religion has vast-reaching effects, especially in tense political situations, we want any potential participant to understand that the primary aim is Interfaith Dialogue rather than political affairs. We understand how interconnected politics can be to religious faith, but we ask all potential participants to agree in advance to refrain from using this conference as a means to political ends.

The conference aims to bring people together to learn more about the different faith traditions, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. We encourage this through programming which, includes workshops and creative activities such as music, dance and theatre; shared prayer times and services, and daily interaction with sacred texts, to name just a few. We desire that those who attend these conferences leave feeling equipped, inspired, and encouraged to engage their communities in meaningful dialogue in positive ways.

How much?

Participants – We aim to have a group total of about 20-25 people from all over the world participating this year.

Conference Fee
– 160€ for applicants (includes room and board)

How can I be part of it?

Simply fill out the brief application form (see also the link above), and you’ll hear from us as soon as possible. The deadline for applying is the 20th June 2016.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon,
The YLC 2016 Planning Team

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