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Rebecca Brückner

Chair, age 29, studied Protestant Theology and Jewish Studies in a Master’s programme in Berlin and Potsdam. Spending one year of her studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (“Studium in Israel e.V.”), she. experienced daily interreligious and intercultural encounters as part of living as a religious minority in Jerusalem. Stumbling upon the YLC at the Berlin conference in 2009 she was inspired by the open, respectful and relationship-oriented way trilateral dialogue was facilitated through the YLC. She became a member of the YLC board that year and has been serving the board as communications director and vice-chair before she became chair of the YLC in Krakow 2011. Upon receiving her Master’s degree, Rebecca left Berlin to move back west. Currently she works as a teacher for Ethics, Arts and Music in a secondary school back in the Middlerhine-Valley. She is passionate about learning, creating community and fostering relationships between people from very different backgrounds.

Bianca Canave

Bianca Canave grew up in a community rife with religious tensions. It was through her exposure to these tensions that her interests in interfaith work developed, and eventually led to an Honors BA in Religious Studies. Throughout her undergraduate career Bianca served on the board of the Centre for Catholic-Jewish-Muslim Learning, at King's University College. There, she developed an annual interfaith event with the support and participation of local residents, students, and faculty. It was also in that time that she was actively engaged in intercultural dialogue, often speaking to audiences of high school students to a room filled with Canada's top CEO's and Philanthropists about her experiences as a visible minority and the importance of multicultural integration. Bianca is currently doing post-graduate studies in Corporate Communications at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about sparking pertinent dialogue in our increasingly globalized world, and is eager to continue contributing to interfaith initiatives on an international scale. Bianca was previously a YLC conference participant in July of 2010 - Dublin.

Francesca Frazer

YLC and IAF Project Coordinator, 27, from Manchester, UK, is the Project Coordinator for the International Abrahamic Forum (IAF) and the Young Leadership Council (YLC). Her fascination with different religions led to a first degree in Religions and Theology, a Masters degree in Biblical Studies and she is currently undertaking her PhD in Jewish-Christian relations at the University of Manchester. On behalf of the University she spends much of her time delivering talks at schools and colleges to raise the profile of Religious Studies, and she is also heavily involved in local interfaith work, as committee member and web officer of Manchester’s Council of Christians and Jews. She attended her first ICCJ conference in 2011 in Krakow, in preparation for her role as ICCJ 2012 Conference coordinator. She found both experiences inspirational and she is incredibly passionate about her continuing role of promoting and facilitating Jewish-Christian-Muslim trialogue as Project Coordinator for ICCJ’s trilateral activities.

Samuel Grzybowski

Samuel is 20 years old and currently completing a double degree in History and Political Science at Sorbonne University in Paris. He grew up in a primary school which included seven different religions and more than 42 nationalities. At 14 was already member of the French delegation that went to the World Jamboree in London in 2007 to celebrate the Scouting's centenary. He discovered there the youth of the world, different through their religions, but united around the values of Scouting. Back home, he decided to create Coexister (the french interfaith youth movement) in January 2009. In January 2012, Coexister brings   together more than 300 young activists committed over a dozen groups in France. In March 2010 he joined the European Interfaith Youth Network (EIYN) of Religions for Peace (RFP). Since February 2011 he is a member of the International Office of Catholic-Jewish Emerging Leadership Group of the International Liaison Committee (ILC) between the Holy See and the International Jewish Comitee For Interreligious Consultation (IJCIC). He discovered ICCJ in Manchester in June 2012. Through YLC he hopes to complete his local vision of French interfaith with a more global perspective. Samuel is now also involved in the Church of France as the founder of "YouCoun 2012-2015" to promote Vatican II to the youth.

Noreen Hussain

Noreen Hussain is a qualified youth worker (Disabilities Inclusion worker with person centred planning for comprehensive care packages). She has worked on many strategic and local initiatives in the UK, which was part of the kick start projects in developing programs for young people. She has also been involved in project writing and planning for the British Councils Active Citizens, which was piloted in the UK and now has been developed to European Active Citizens. She is able to access small pots of funding from Youth In Action Programmes in order to develop projects which involve young people in Europe.



Rori Picker Neiss

Rori Picker Neiss, 26, hails from New York, USA. Currently a student at Yeshivat Maharat-- an Orthodox Jewish institution training women for leadership positions in the Jewish community-- Rori has devoted herself to interfaith work since 2005. Her activity in international, interreligious affairs brought her to the ICCJ and the YLC in 2011. Rori previously served as Acting Executive Director for Religions for Peace-USA, Program Coordinator for the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, Assistant Director of Interreligious Affairs for the American Jewish Committee, and Secretariat for the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations. Rori is the North American Representative to the Religions for Peace Global Youth Network and co-editor of "InterActive Faith: The Essential Interreligious Community-Building Handbook."

Marty Rotenberg

Vice Chair, is currently studying medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. His passion for building bridges between people began in high school but quickly expanded during his studies at university. Marty first encountered the work of the ICCJ during an inspiring summer in Jerusalem as an intern at the Interreligious Coordinating Council in Israel (ICCI). Upon returning to campus and Canada, Marty co-founded The Tzedaka-Sadaqah Project, an organization which builds bridges of trust and understanding between Muslim and Jewish students through hands-on charity projects and social action. Marty has extensive experience in encounter based learning and dialogue in Canada but hopes to continue building on this on the international level through his position as a board member of the Young Leadership Council (YLC) of the ICCJ. Previously, Marty has been a representative of the Centre for Jewish-Catholic-Muslim Learning at King’s University College and the Interreligious and Intercultural Chair of the Canadian Federation of Jewish Students (CFJS).

Brad Seligmann

Brad Seligmann, age 28, currently lives in Michigan, USA with his wife, Sara. He completed a BA in Philosophy, Politics, & the Public from Xavier University with minors in Theology and Peace Studies. Brad is currently the Coordinator for Interfaith Service & Dialogue in the Ginsberg Center for Community Service & Learning at the University of Michigan. During his times as an undergraduate, Brad co-founded an interfaith student organization at Xavier and was a member of the Interfaith Youth Core’s Fellows Alliance leadership program. He also worked with the Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati, a partnership of Abrahamic judicatories, co-leading their high school interfaith youth group. Brad first had the opportunity to participate with the YLC at the 2012 ICCJ conference in Manchester. Brad is passionate about the potential for interfaith dialogue to build bonds within communities and between countries, and the importance of collaborative, cooperative community service as an element of effective interfaith youth work.

Katie Sturm

Immediate Past Chair; she has lived in many locations in her 34 years, including California, Ireland and Oregon. She currently resides with her husband, Aaron, in Oregon, where she is participating in spiritual direction, community development and building interfaith exchanges in the local community. She originally joined YLC in 2008 at their Cyprus conference and has been passionately committed ever since. She loves seeing young adults learn to communicate and articulate their faiths in productive, healthy and significant ways. As an evangelical charismatic Christian, it is also her heart to see more evangelicals enter the dialogue and share their unique perspectives and gifts with the broader community. She is also looking forward to leading regional projects in story-telling for interfaith.